İsveç`de skandal

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İsveç`de skandal


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Bilmiyorum karıştırıyormuyum İsviçre ile İsveçi bizimle bir ara uğraşan ikisinden biri olan ülke kafayı takmıştı çocuk ile evlenme serbest diye ülkemizde .
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'Çokukla evli olan kişilere enformasyon'

A Swedish government agency has withdrawn a booklet for immigrants who are married to children after it was blasted by Swedish lawmakers for its allegedly soft approach to child marriage.

The booklet, “Information for those who are married to a child” was retracted Thursday by Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare, which said the material was developed within the framework of a government project to provide information to those in such marriages about current laws and practices in Sweden -- including the ban on such marriages, child rights and social services.

The Local reports that the brochure has fired up controversy particularly over the soft language used when it said: "Since children under the age of 15 have an absolute right to protection from sexual acts it is improper for you to live together if the child is under 15.”

“The material has raised strong reactions and many views. We withdraw the material and will look over it,” a statement from the agency said.

Sweden has been one of a number of European countries that has welcomed in a large number of refugees from some Middle Eastern and African countries where child marriage is more common.

But critics say that the booklet, while perhaps well intentioned, took an approach to child marriage that was too soft for a modern liberal country.

Sweden’s Minister for Children, Lena Hallengren, slammed the document.

“There must never be any doubts about the laws and values that apply in Sweden. It is not allowed to enter into child marriage,” she tweeted. “This should not be compromised and the information must be crystal clear.”

“It is justified to provide information, but what tone and signals you send is at least as important,” she told national broadcaster SVT.


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